Baumwollzelt Bedouin 300, Pyramidenzelt mit festem Boden

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Bedouin 300. Schwere Baumwolle. Lebensdauer 25-30 Jahre. 


Jetzt mit Moskitonetzvorwand(=Option), die 100% Schutz bieten gegen Mücken oder Gnitzen/Gnitten. 


Beste Merkmale:

  • Life time of 25 years+
  • Putting-up time 25 minutes, max. 
  • Optional mesh wall against midges
  • No guide lines, but storm-strong straps 
  • Beautiful styling 
  • Very practical 


Truly the ultimate in practicality and durability.

This tent is made of the most durable canvas which is available: the extremely strong Ten Cate 340 grs./m2. This fabric is also used in the most expensive camping tents. Our customer experiences teach us that the life-time of this canvas tents comes over often longer than 25 years. 

Also, this tent has a well-deposited cut, in which there are 60% less tension points than a comparable tent and the storm-resistance still remains guaranteed. This is partly due to the extremely strong buckle belts as an alternative to guide lines/old fashioned ropes.


Unique Accessory: a full protection against midges

This tent has the ability to protect front & living space around from the smallest midges. With a completely detachable, perfectly smoothly tensioned wall from the finest mosquito gaze this allows you to quietly shielded sitting in your living room and still look outside. 


The result 

- The result is a highly durable tent, including inner tent, which is relatively reasonably priced. And, over time (the aforementioned 25 years +) proved to be very cheap.

- Very practical dubbeldaks with extra awning cockpit.

- Quick to set up more than half the number of pegging points(without reducing wind resistance)

- Fully enclosed inside tent

- Beautiful styling

- Durable materials

- No ropes but tension straps


The Bedouin 300 has an inner tent which can accommodate 4 people: 2 adults + 2 children. Or two parents + 1 child. Whether you use this tent as two adults, with extra space for your luggage. Because the Bedouin 300 has an inner tent, which gives it more a pleasant sleeping comfort in colder/frosty circumstances. 



- Removable(with zippers) mesh wall from the finest mosquito gaze, as an additional option. This makes the whole living room closed to the smallest midges. 

- A set of side shields (for sitting in the shade and protections against side rainfall)

- A vario sun canopy(=additional capping canopy, with zippers)

- A storage organiser

- A ground insolation blanket for the bedroom


Durability of the Bedouin 300
  • This pyramid tent is made of extremely durable Ten Cate Cotton, 340 grs./m².
  • Heavy-duty, extreme strong and extra wide 10mm YKK zippers.
  • High water resistance.
  • Storm Strong, dimensionally stable and colorfast.
  • Air permeable.



The Bedouin 300 is a pyramid tent with:

- Fixed cockpit

- Fully enclosed inner tent(fully lockable to external influences)

- With rear ventilation.

- Pegging points equipped with extremely strong lashing buckles. Proven storm resistant.

- Special cut and yet strong storm. Beautifully trimmed with dark trim tape around.



- The outdoor tents are of 340 grams Ten Cate heavy cotton.

- Color canvas: 'sand' (light beige) and charcoal gray (front colour). 10mm very strong YKK zippers.

- The inner tent is made of cotton / polyester, perfectly breathable, with a base of strong PVC, so fully lockable.

- The storm strong tent poles are of epoxy coated steel.

- Equipped with a fixed cockpit of heavy coated and reinforced (bisonyl) polyester 450 gr / sqm.