YKK SNAD selbstklebende Knopf, schwarz flexibel

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YKK SNAD®.  Selbstklebende Druckknöpfe

Patentierte Druckknöpfe für Zelte, Sonnensegel, Vorzelte usw. 

By combining an auto-grade polyacetal fastener with an adhesive backing of 3M™, VHB™ acrylic conformable foam, YKK® brand SNAD stud or socket components perform without the problems caused by conventional snap systems.

Unlike traditional metal screw studs, YKK SNAD stud components require no hole in the mounting surface. Yet they mate perfectly with conventional metal or plastic snap components. And this new patented product enhances design flexibility by enabling use of a socket where only a stud could have been attached before.   Siehe untenstehende YouTube Film

SNAD stud or socket components are available in a variety of resin and adhesive backing formulations to meet different application requirements. For added versatility, YKK SNAD snap components are available in low-profile rigid dome and flexible base configurations.
Standard SNAD Adhesive Attached Snap Components and Custom Solutions:

Standard SNAD snap components for flat surfaces include:

    Rigid Dome Base SNAD Stud, 40mm diameter
    Rigid Dome Base SNAD Socket, 40mm diameter

Standard SNAD snap components for concave or convex surfaces or for applications requiring a smaller footprint include:

    Flexible Base SNAD Stud, 25.4mm diameter
    Flexible Base SNAD Socket, 25.4mm diameter

YKK engineers also work closely with customers to develop custom solutions to meet their unique fastening requirements.

Download design data and product specifications (pdf) here.
SNAD Adhesive Attached Snap Component Benefits:

  •     Provides secure attachment
  •     Eliminates the need for holes in valuable or fragile substrates
  •     No special tool or skill required for installation
  •     Will not corrode, discolor or crack
  •     Easier snap component alignment and attachment
  •     Bridges assembly joints without compromising structural integrity
  •     Ideal for aftermarket kit or accessory installation
  •     Easily removed without causing damage
  •     Subcomponent materials comply with many OEM specifications and standards
  •     Compatible with conventional snap components
  •     Backed by the YKK worldwide reputation for quality and innovation

SNAD Adhesive Attached Snap Component Applications:

  •     Installing tool kits or accessories bags or cases
  •     Positioning carpeting, cushions, shades and mats
  •     Wind, sun and insect screens and covers
  •     Mounting entertainment, GPS or communications devices
  •     Accessible covers and cowling
  •     Attaching signage and displays to glass
  •     Convertible top covers and skirts
  •     Covers for tires or wheel wells



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